Combining our years of experience in various industry sectors, we have gathered the know-how and the network to provide you solutions for all your business requirements. Our experience working with start -ups, accounting firms, legal teams and the financial industry has provided us with the knowledge to design a consultative approach for all our clients requirements while delivering tailor made experiences and maintaining high client satisfaction.

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At MNIC Group we strive to bring you the best in class services to get you up and running in no time. Our clients are free to focus on their goals and business ideas while we handle the ground work.


We have partnered with various industry leaders ranging from accounting and legal firms, website developers, payment solutions, CFD trading platform providers, CRM providers and more.

Our aim is to free up our client’s time by handling all negotiations directly with partners as well as provide a hands-on approach, so you can focus on growing your business.


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Our lawyers and accountants will provide you with services ranging from company formation to ongoing business advice and support, as well as regulation and licensing options specific for the CFD industry.

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We help you to set up your start up brokerage by negotiating directly with trading platform providers, CRM systems, payment solutions and introductions to liquidity providers.

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Let us train your sales team and increase your KPIs.

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If you want to start your business venture, or need consultation services for your existing company, contact us today to find out the ways we can help you drive your business forward.